Find value in cell from list of values (does cell contain anything in this list) – Google Docs

named range google docs sheets

One of the most useful formulas for me was being able to find if a cell contained a value from a list of items, this excellent Excel formula was exactly what I needed.

The formula: =SUMPRODUCT(–ISNUMBER(SEARCH(things,A1)))>0 also works in Google docs, provided that you created a named range.

Here is the spreadsheet for you to look at:

Feel free to poke around the spreadsheet too! 

Important note: I also included an example of where my named range contained a blank cell, don’t do this – if you do this, the entire formula falls apart and you’ll get bad values.

To create a named range in Google docs, simply highlight your cells and click on the Data menu bar and select Named Ranges:

named range google docs sheets

Then name it appropriately:


How to download all attachments from a gmail thread

You may have several attachments within a Gmail email thread, but it’s too time consuming to download one attachment at a time. There’s a Forward All option in the top nav menu that allows you to forward the thread back to yourself, thus allowing you to conveniently download all attachments in a gmail thread.  See instructions and credit below:

Step 1: Open the email thread with attachments

how to forward all gmail and download attachments

Step 2: Click on the top menu and select “Forward All” and forward it to yourself

how to forward all gmail and download attachments

Step 3: Open the forwarded email and at the bottom, you should have an option to Download all

how to forward all gmail and download attachments

Credit to  HansBKK:!topic/gmail/NPGn1YYgL8o


How to get Google’s cached copy of a page and text version with parameters

If you can’t get the cached version the good old fashioned way by typing into Google search for some reason (other than the page not being indexed or having the noarchive tag), use this URL:

If you want the text version of the cache, add &strip=1 to the end like so: